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Hard Low-E Clear Laminated Glass
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Fully antomatic production line,laminated glass is formed as sanwich of 2 sheets of glass,between which is bonded together with a tough and thermoplastic PVB interlayer under heat and pressure.

1) About this kind of glass

Low-E clear laminated?made by one piece hard low-E glass and one piece clear float glass with coating outward,it is a highly transparent low-e coated glass providing improved solar control and thermal insulation over standard clear glass,our low-E glass come from AGC factory ensuring stable quality.

2) Features of glass

Surface emissivity is low, the ability that absorbs external energy is small,so?the heat radiates again is little.

The shading coefficient has a wide range, and the solar energy transmittance can be controlled according to the need .

3) Energy-saving applications

Reduce the heat conduction of glass, obtain excellent heat preservation effect, thus reduce the consumption of heating.

With low-e glass manufacturing building doors and Windows, can greatly reduce the ?thermal energy?transger from indoor to outdoor caused by the radiation, to achieve the ideal energy saving effect, as a result of the reduction of heat loss, can greatly reduce the fuel consumption due to heating, thereby reducing the emission of harmful gases.

At present,the specification exported to Australia is 6.58/10.38mm 2440x3300mm,also have neutral SY48-blue grey and SYA-light grey.

The specifications of LOWE Glass:

Thickness: 6.58mm,8.38mm,10.38mm,12.38mm

Size: 1650x2440mm,2440x3300mm,2140x3300mm.


Quality standard:

Comply with GB 15763.3-2009

Comply with EN12150

Comply with AS/NZS 2080:2006

Comply with ASTM1048

Appearance quality requirement?of laminated glass under below table



Float glass defect

Meet JDG?SQ?grade glass

0.5-1.0mm bubble qty<=1 within the range of diameter 300mm round

Pvb bubble

1.0-2.0mm bubble qty<=1 within the range of diameter 600mm round

Pvb inclusion

Same as above

Chipped edge

Length less than glass thickness;depth less than half thickness;extended distance less than glass thickness


Not allowed


One edge<=1.5mm

Scratch and abrasion

Not affect the usage

Fuzzy shadow

not obvious if observing it from 600mm distance of the glass


Not allowed

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