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Heat Soaked Clear Laminated Glass
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Thermal immersion treatment is also known as homogeneous treatment, commonly known as' detonation '.The heat soaked?treatment is to heat the tempered glass to 290 ° C ± 10 ° C, and keep it for a certain period of time, to promote the rapid completion of the crystal phase transformation of nickel sulfide in the tempered glass, so that the tempered glass that may be self-explosive after the original use is artificially broken in advance in the hot dip In the furnace, thereby reducing the self-explosive?in use after installation.

The heat soaked laminated glass is always made to insulated glass such as 8+ 1.52PVB + 10 + 12A+10mm


The heat soaked laminated glass installed on the building is subjected to any external force impact, and even if the glass is broken, it can be completely retained in the original frame, and has a certain wind and rain.

Noise reduction:

The PVB film has a hindrance to sound waves, which reduces noise and reduces noise interference at work or at home.

Hurricane and earthquake:

Due to the high toughness and strong adhesion of laminated glass, even if the laminated glass is broken, the debris remains in place and is more suitable for use in hurricanes and seismic zones.

Since it is impossible to effectively cut the mounted laminated glass by using a glass cutter, and using other tools to penetrate the laminated glass for a long time and a large sound, it is difficult and easy to be found by cutting or breaking the laminated glass into the room, for malignant damage, Stealing and violence have a strong resistance.


The insulating glass can have different optical properties depending on the original glass piece selected. The visible light transmittance is 10%-80%, the heat ray reflectance ranges from 5% to 50%, and the total transmittance ranges from 20% to 80%.

Appearance quality requirement?of heat soaked laminated glass under below table



Float glass defect

Meet JDG?SQ?grade glass

0.5-1.0mm bubble qty<=1 within the range of diameter 300mm round

Pvb bubble

1.0-2.0mm bubble qty<=1 within the range of diameter 600mm round

Pvb inclusion

Same as above

Chipped edge

Length less than glass thickness;depth less than half thickness;extended distance less than glass thickness


Not allowed


One edge<=1.5mm

Scratch and abrasion

Not affect the usage

Fuzzy shadow

not obvious if observing it from 600mm distance of the glass


Not allowed

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