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Tempered Toughtened Clear Laminated Glass
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Tempered laminated glass refers to further safe treatment after glass tempering, bonding two pieces of glass together. After the glass breaks, it will not splash and hurt people, which will play a safe role.?

It?has high safety Because the film of the middle layer is tough and has strong adhesion, it is not easy to be penetrated after being damaged by impact, the fragments will not fall off, and it is tightly bonded with the film.

Compared with other glass, tempered laminated glass?has the performance of shockproof, anti-theft, bulletproof and explosion-proof.?

Energy saving is that the interlayer film can reduce solar radiation, prevent energy loss, save electricity consumption of air conditioner, and the intermediate film can buffer the sound wave vibration products of sound, thereby achieving sound insulation effect.

Increase the aesthetics of the building

Application range:

1. Interior decoration and furniture.?

5. The construction law stipulates the need to use safety glass such as glass sheds.

6.?Other special occasions with safety requirements.

Appearance quality requirement?of tempered laminated glass under below table



Float glass defect

Meet JDG?SQ?grade glass

0.5-1.0mm bubble qty<=1 within the range of diameter 300mm round

Pvb bubble

1.0-2.0mm bubble qty<=1 within the range of diameter 600mm round

Pvb inclusion

Same as above

Chipped edge

Length less than glass thickness;depth less than half thickness;extended distance less than glass thickness


Not allowed


One edge<=1.5mm

Scratch and abrasion

Not affect the usage

Fuzzy shadow

Not obvious if observing it from 600mm distance of the glass


Not allowed

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