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Acoustic Clear Laminated Glass
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Two pieces of glass plus imported soundproof PVB

Although laminated glass also has good sound insulation effect, it still lacks, but after adjusting the composition of the intermediate film and professional technical treatment, it can achieve quite good sound insulation effect, which is incomparable between insulating glass and vacuum glass. Of course, the interlayer acoustic laminated?glass has different sound insulation effects due to different technical contents of different manufacturers.

In general, the laminated glass is actually a PVB interlayer film containing polyvinyl butyral as a main component (such glass is commonly called "PVB glass"). However, the professional sound-insulating glass intermediate clip is a sound-insulating film (sound-proof damping rubber), which plays a key role in the weakening and filtering of sound transmission.?

The glass product with sound insulation function is actually a laminated glass. The softer and more elastic the sound-insulating film (sound-proof damping rubber) in the laminated glass can increase the sound-insulation damping coefficient of the laminated glass, thereby increasing the sound insulation of the laminated glass. Ordinary PVB glass has a sound insulation of only 28-34 decibels, and the sound insulation film (sound-proof damping rubber) can achieve a sound insulation of 35-40 decibels or higher.

Appearance quality requirement?of ?acoustic?laminated glass under below table



Float glass defect

Meet JDG?SQ?grade glass

0.5-1.0mm bubble qty<=1 within the range of diameter 300mm round

Pvb bubble

1.0-2.0mm bubble qty<=1 within the range of diameter 600mm round

Pvb inclusion

Same as above

Chipped edge

Length less than glass thickness;depth less than half thickness;extended distance less than glass thickness


Not allowed


One edge<=1.5mm

Scratch and abrasion

Not affect the usage

Fuzzy shadow

Not obvious if observing it from 600mm distance of the glass


Not allowed

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