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Hard Low-E Clear Laminated Glass
Fully antomatic production line,laminated glass is formed as sanwich of 2 sheets of glass,between which is bonded together with a tough and thermoplastic PVB interlayer under heat and pressure.
Tempered Toughtened Clear Laminated Glass
Tempered laminated glass refers to further safe treatment after glass tempering, bonding two pieces of glass together.
Acoustic Clear Laminated Glass
Although laminated glass also has good sound insulation effect, it still lacks, but after adjusting the composition of the intermediate film and professional technical treatment
Heat Strengthened Clear Laminated Glass
Semi-tempered glass is also called heat strengthened glass. The strength is twice that of ordinary float glass. At the same time, it avoids the flatness of tempered glass and is easy to self-explosion.
Heat Soaked Clear Laminated Glass
Thermal immersion treatment is also known as homogeneous treatment, commonly known as' detonation '.
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